2018 Tour Locations

What is Shiny Side Up 2018?

The Bike Fest Aim

The Shiny Side Up Bike Fest is a Big Day Out for motorcycle riders with the aim to bring the New Zealand motorcycle community together and share best practices.

We strive for people to leave the event better riders than when they arrived. We achieve this through promoting rider skills, full protective gear and technologies such as ABS. The event utilises well known, respected personalities and experts to empower the riders with their knowledge and experiences via demonstrations, presentations and workshops.

Retailers and clubs are invited to be a part of the day through stalls in a motorcycle market. This is all done with a lot of fun, mad burnouts, stunt riders, gymkhanas, entertainment, bouncy castles and food trucks all to create a family day out.


The Shiny Side Up Bike Fest has been an annual event in Kapiti since 2016. Momentum and popularity has been building each year, culminating in approximately 2,200 people attending in 2017 with 94% satisfed with the day and 97% confirming they were likely to attend again.

Auckland Transport approached the organisers in 2016 requesting the rights to hold a Shiny Side Up event in February 2017. Approximately 1,000 people attended their inaugural event.

In 2018, the Shiny Side Up Bike Fest is going to be bigger and better than ever, we are going on Tour! The schedule has been expanded to now include four locations; Nelson, Hamilton, Wellington and Auckland and will be coordinated centrally to ensure consistent quality across each event. There will be a similar core programme at each location with tailored local talent/content elements.

Confirmed for 2018 Tour

Jay Reeve our MC is one of NZ's most popular broadcasters having hosted shows on ZM as well as the Radio Hauraki, he is also a Harley Ambassador and restores classic bikes. 

Brittany Morrow is back by popular demand and will be sharing her personal story with the aim of promoting the importance of using the correct personal protective gear. 

Dave Moss is a world-renowned suspension expert and he specialises in teaching riders the importance of chassis and suspension set up, tyres, ergonomics and general maintenance.   

Dr Chris Hurren from Australia has researched every known fabric to find out what will give you the best chance when you come face to face with the road.

Kevin Williams a rider training guru from the UK offers an insight into the many practical and useful tips he has picked up along the way in his Survival Skills presentation.

Kingi from KW Stunts pushes his Harley’s to the max and beyond, you will love the noise and the smell of rubber will fill the air.

Plus stunt riders, James Riley and Jake Whitaker, ABS demonstrations, gymkhana with the Police and your local Ride Forever team, not to mention the Show & Shine competition  and mechanics workshops.